CUARTETO No. 4 · Música de Feria

Work information Sketches (2)

Instrumental genre Chamber music
Place of composition
Mexico City
Date of composition
March 25, 1932
For Dr. Manuel Guevara Oropeza
Premiere: November 7, 1933, Hidalgo Theater, National Classical Quartet (Ezequiel Sierra and David Saloma, violins; David Elizarrarás, viola; and Teófilo Ariza, cello).
2vn, va, vc
Documentary archive
Only sketches of this work have been preserved.
Notes by compiler
The autograph of this work is held in the reserved archive of the Library of the National Music Conservatory, which also houses a copy and instrumental parts done by a copyist. A set of instrumental parts is in the possession of the Saloma family.
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