CUARTETO No. 2 · Magueyes

Work information Autograph Drafts (2) Sketches (5) Instrumental parts (8) Others (3)

Instrumental genre Chamber music
Place of composition
Mexico City
Date of composition
March 19, 1931
For Isaura Murguía
Probable premiere: April 2, 1931, assembly room of the School of Higher Education in Business and Administration, Conservatory Quartet (Filiberto Nava and Francisco Moncayo, violins; Ángel Rocha, viola; and José López Flores, cello).
2vn, va, vc
Documentary archive
The autograph, a draft score, an incomplete set of instrumental parts done by the composer (corresponding to the first and final movements), and a complete set of instrumental parts done by a copyist are preserved. A considerable number of sketches were also found.
Texts by Revueltas about the works
The first draft of the quartet contains the following text by Revueltas: “One might call it a Mexican ‘sketch’. (It can be that if you like). But it does not tend toward the folkloric, serious, or consequential.” The text on the cover of the second draft reads: “It could be a Mexican ‘sketch’ but without folkloric implications. More of a fantasy. It is based on the fragment of a popular song. There is nothing folkloric, serious, or consequential about it.”
Southern Music Publishing Co., published as String Quartet No. 2.