TROKA · Pantomima infantil bailable [Sobre un argumento de Germán List-Arzubide]

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Instrumental genre Music for the stage / Music for symphony orchestra
Place of composition
Not recorded
Date of composition
No dedication
There is no record of this performance ever happening.
Fl, ob, cl[B♭], bcl, bn / cor, 2tpt, tbn, tba / timp, perc / strings
Documentary archive
In addition to the autograph for the orchestral score, there is a brief version of the main theme Troka, orchestrated for six instruments as incidental music.
Notes by compiler
Libretto by Germán List Arzubide and choreography by Gloria Campobello. The manuscript is missing the final page, where the signature, place of composition, and dedications usually appear. An edition by the Southern Music Publishing Co. contains the final page done in calligraphy that does not appear to be the composer’s, so it is unknown whether it corresponds to the autograph. (This addition contains no information as to place and date of composition or dedications.) The XFX radio station published a “program of work for the May–June bimester, 1933” that mentions the transmission of three children’s series, including Troka the Powerful.” List-Arzubide narrated the Troka episodes, and Revueltas composed the music for the program. This may be the incidental music, orchestrated for small group (picc, cl picc, cl, tpt, tbn and perc), found along with the orchestral score’s manuscript.
Southern Music Publishing Co.