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Instrumental genre Music for symphony orchestra
Place of composition
Date of composition
March 27, 1938
No dedication
Probable premiere: January 31, 1960, Guadalajara Symphony Orchestra, Cond. José Yves Limantour.
2fl, 2ob, eh, 2cl[B♭], bcl, bn, bar sax / 2crt, 3tpt, 3tbn, tba / timp, perc / pf / hp / strings / female voice chorus (vocalization without text)
Documentary archive
The autograph, a draft score, several sketches, and a budget for mounting the work have been preserved.
Notes by compiler
The final page contains a brief, two-measure coda, added in pencil with the note “Da capo pg. 12 [rehearsal no. 16] to two measures of [rehearsal no.] 24,” which suggests a posterior modification of the work’s structure. The calligraphy in this addition does not resemble the composer’s, and may be that of José Yves Limantour, who performed the work in Guadalajara in 1960. The original page numbering was done in brown ink on the upper edge of each page. Another was added at the foot of each page in pencil; this second numbering corresponds to the restructuring that included the abovementioned coda.
A loose page was found with the score, corresponding to pages 6 and 7. These two pages are replaced in the autograph by pages 6 ¼, 6 ½, and 6 ¾. The manuscript contains indications of running time and references to a “transmission,” raising the possibility that it was composed for film, though there are no references confirming this.
The name of the work is noted on each page in red ink, in the handwriting of Rosaura Revueltas.
A large number of sketches were found. They reiterate what must have been the score’s original title: Two Flags. Some of the pages also contain sketches of two other works: “The Five Hours,” from Five Songs for Children and Two Profane Songs in pencil, and War Song of the Loyalist Fronts in the same brown ink used in the autograph.
Southern Music Publishing Co. (version by José Yves Limantour)