PLANOS · (DANZA GEOMÉTRICA) Version for symphony orchestra

Work information Autograph Sketches (10)

Instrumental genre Music for symphony orchestra
Other versions: Version for small orchestra
Place of composition
Mexico City
Date of composition
June 10, 1934
For Ricardo Ortega
November 5, 1934, Symphony Orchestra of Mexico, Palace of Fine Arts, Cond. Silvestre Revueltas.
Picc, 2fl, 2cls[E♭], 2cls[B♭], bcl, 2bn, cbn / 4cor, 4tpt, 3tbn, tba / perc / 2pf / strings
Documentary archive
The autograph and a series of sketches have been preserved.
Notes by compiler
The autograph of the orchestral score bears the title Planes, like its previous chamber version, but it has the subtitle Geometric Dance in parentheses.
Texts by Revueltas about the works
It was played last year, to mixed reactions. Some thought it was Stravinsky; whyever would they think of Stravinsky? Since it used two pianos and some gongs, the chords at the beginning and end are reminiscent of the sound of the final chords of Stravinsky’s Les Noces. However, they are not the same notes or the same intervals, which probably adds to the resemblance.
Periodical references
Alvarado, Leo. “Notas musicales.” La Prensa (November 8, 1934).
Southern Music Publishing Co., published as Geometric Dance.