Work information Autograph

Instrumental genre Music for symphony orchestra
Place of composition
Mexico City
Date of composition
January 15–27, 1934
For Ángela
July 17, 1934, “La Bombilla” Park, San Ángel, Mexico City, Symphony Orchestra of Mexico, Cond. Carlos Chávez: ceremony in memory of General Álvaro Obregón, organized by the Department of the Federal District.
Picc, 2fl, 3ob, eh, cl[E♭], 2cl[B♭], bcl, 2bn, cbn / 4cor, 4tpt, 3tbn, tba / timp, perc / strings
Documentary archive
The autograph has been preserved.
Notes by compiler
The Library of the National Music Conservatory possesses a set of handwritten instrumental parts. There is also a reduction for smaller orchestra, intended to score a film that was presumably never made.
Texts by Revueltas about the works
Roads: slightly tortuous, probably unpaved and never traveled by limousines. Apart from that, they are short enough to not feel discomfort, or cheerful enough to forget about it.
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