Work information Autograph

Instrumental genre Chamber music
Date of composition
1940 (¿1931-1934?)
No dedication
Aprox. 5’
Picc, ob, cl, bsax / tpt
Documentary archive
The score’s autograph and a photostat copy have been preserved.
Notes by compiler
The manuscript’s cover bears the titles of the three pieces: “I. Heroic Prelude,” “II. Romantic Waltz,” and “III. Pre-Cortesian Dance (Authentic).” However, the autograph only has the first two. The second (“Romantic Waltz”) may be unfinished. At the end of the first, “Heroic Prelude,” the date and place of composition appear as 1940 and Mexico City, respectively, apparently added to the manuscript at another time. The numbering of measures in the autograph implies an inverted order for the two surviving pieces, corresponding to the later date. The work’s theme and the compositional style of “Heroic Prelude” would situate the composition of this unfinished work near the beginning of the composer’s career, between 1931 and 1934.
Southern Music Publishing Co., published as Two Little Serious Pieces. The Southern Music Publishing Co. edition corresponds to the first and second pieces of the manuscript, and appears in two separate volumes entitled First Little Serious Piece and Second Little Serious Piece.