ESQUINAS · Piezas de música para orquesta Second version

Work information Autograph

Instrumental genre Music for symphony orchestra
Other versions: First version
Place of composition
Mexico City
Date of composition
October 1933
For Ángela Acevedo
Picc, 2fl, 2ob, eh, cl[E♭], 2cl[B♭], bcl, 3bn / 4cor, 4tpt, 3tbn, tba / timp, perc / hp / strings
Documentary archive
The autograph has been preserved.
Texts by Revueltas about the works
The corners of yesterday with the emotions of today, observed from other paths of the heart with a new gaze, more experienced and hence broader and truer; modeled with new material, leaving intact their tormented anguish that aspires to be paralyzing, their chronic pain pinned to the middle of the street, their piercing cries of a poor and defenseless street hawker, abounding in rebelliousness that I now find somewhat strange within the encouraging optimism of my current desire, joyful and strong like a clear mountain of new energy and new hope. All that remains is the essence of those chaotic corners, which possess the murmur of the struggling masses, their bitter taste of despair, and the hard surface of a people forged in every kind of suffering. (Text published in the program for the corresponding concert.)
Periodical references
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