EL AFILADOR · Version for wind septet

Work information Drafts Sketches (3) Instrumental parts (7)

Instrumental genre Chamber music
Other versions: Version for violin and piano
Place of composition
San Antonio
Date of composition
October 1927
No dedication
Fl (picc), eh, cl[B♭], bcl, bn , 2cor
Documentary archive
Several sketches and a draft score accompanied by a copy of instrumental parts have been preserved. The parts were done by a professional copyist in San Antonio, Texas (Thomas Googan Bros.).
Notes by compiler
Originally composed in a version for violin and piano in 1924. This is an orchestration done in San Antonio, Texas, in 1927.
Periodical references
Parker, Robert. “Revueltas: The Chicago Years.” Latin American Music Review 25:2. The year of composition is inferred from a note from Henry Cowell, written to Revueltas on the reverse of a promotional leaflet for his magazine New Music, in which he thanks the composer for sending the scores for Batik and The Knife Sharpener. The leaflet lists the music published in the October 1927 issue of New Music and announces the content of the next issue, January 1928.
UNAM Critical Edition